Could anyone give me any inputs? (Australian Universities)



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So i have been researching and lurking around the internet for awhile now in search of a university in australia. I am a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering and planning to take a Masters degree (MIT, MCS) in Australia. I read a lot of reviews and forums on my prospect universities (I know that every person have different experiences on their Uni) and so far my decision's still foggy.

- Macquarie University

- Charles Sturt University

- Victoria University

- University of Wollongong

- University of Technology Sydney

*So let me start at Macquarie, it's a little expensive but it is one of the top university in Australia but i saw some review about MQ's poor communication with a part time student (yes im gonna be a part time student).

*Next is Charles Sturt, this university is affordable in terms of tuition and locations it also has a wide range of specialisation but i read that CSU is struggling with their funds plus students a lot of students professors are appraently rude.

*Victoria university, also affordable university with a flexible course structure and also located in sydney but review said about their poor student service and low course ratings.

*University of wollongong, has high ratings and good reviews it also has a wide choices of specialisation for Master of Computer Science the tuition is also affordable for international students but the only downside is that it is quite far from Sydney (my cousin lives in sydney) so i don't know how it would work out for a part time student.

Lastly University of technology sydney, by far this is the best option of all because of its location, course ratings and professors but the only downside is it's expensive tuition.


If i got anything wrong or anyone want to give inputs specially the ones enrolled in the universities mentioned, i would much appreciate it. I have a cousin in Sydney but i don't want to rely on her as much as possible. I am from philippines but currently in UAE (Family Relocated).