how can i connect and chat with MIT and other famous US university students in ivyties?



First time college applicant

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i am going to bachelors in engg. so i am interested about about those universities.


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  • Jibin Kumar

    Jibin Kumar

    Hi Debarpan, If I were you, I would start with this page. MIT is already there on top of the list. If you don't see the university listed here, you can also use the search bar on top right side of this website. Once you are on the MIT page, go to the section "chat with users associated with this university". It should take you to the page that lists all the users who are interested in or have studied at MIT.

    Here is a short video that shows how to find another student using IvyTies. 

    Alternatively, you can also go to this page to filter users who are connected with any universities.
    If you have any specific questions about IvyTies, feel free to send me a private message. 
    Update: Now you don't have to go to each person's profile to see whether they have attended your favorite university.  
    1) Go to university profile  
    2) Click on chat with users associated with this university
    3) Click on View all followers
    4) There you are! You can now see which users are applying to this university, which users are currently studying and which users have attended this university.
    Hope this helps