Do u know any University which offer full scholarship?

Mahdi Modabber

Mahdi Modabber

Applying for Postgraduate Studies

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hi dear frndz; I have completed my BCs in Computer Science and now I wanna apply for a full Scholarship.

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  • Muhammad Mahfuz

    Muhammad Mahfuz

    Applying to Waseda University

    Hello Mahdi,

    At first you have to decide which country you want to go. In my opinion, you can try in Japan. There are many good universities for computer science students.They are technically & economically very good. There many universities give half & full scholarship(MEXT Scholarship). For getting scholarship you have to send research proposal to professor of that universities and you can get scholarship easily. Their medium of instruction is English & Japanese. You can choose English as a medium of instruction. In Japan, you can do part time job and their getting part time job is very easy. You can do part time job 28 hours in a week. So, I think Japan will be best for you. Bye.

  • Hallo Mahdi, where do you want to pursue your study again??
    I have information if you want to get full scholarship easier relate to your major, and the university that i want to suggest you is one of the best university in its country.

  • Abhishek Sheetal

    Abhishek Sheetal

    Graduated, not applying