Good day everyone :) I would like to ask for a suggestion on what major in Engineering should I pursue ?

Good day everyone :) I would like to ask for a suggestion on what major in Engineering should I pursue after I graduate this year in my Business administration major in business/operations management degree.  I have in mind to take the Civil Engineering but some says it is not in-line with my previous course. any suggestion will be much appreciated. Thankyou :D

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  • Good day to you too Sheanne Alcantara. First of all, congratulations for taking such an extraordinary and challenging decision. I was a student of business studies, and now pursuing an engineering degree. Similar path, right? I was very conscious, sort of worried I should say, when I was in your stage.


    I really wanted to merge the knowledge I had gathered from studying business with the field of engineering. We all know that business is something which is engaged with the general people to a great extent. So I was desperately looking for an engineering sector which is deeply rooted in the human life and engaging humans more and more in it. I researched on it for several months, and found the answer is 'Information Technology'.


    The heart of IT is Computer Science. "Software is eating the world", really it is! You want to do a job in any of the most advanced companies in the world, or want to have a successful startup, understanding technology is a must. Mastering of the heart of IT (which is the computer) will surely give a great advantage over your competitors. So I would suggest you to have your second degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Good luck!

  • David Herz

    David Herz

    Attended Cornell University

    First, you are young.  You have the ability to pivot on a dime.  Don't worry about how someone else says your prior coursework is going to affect your future.

    This is a bad question to ask though.  What you should be doing is taking an inventory of your life.  What themes show up? What skills do you like using?  What have you done that you got so caught up in that you lost track of time?  Those are the kinds of things that should give you direction.  Not what some other bozo says is good right now.

    Ask those questions until you know what jazzes you: Maybe you love the computer. Maybe you just see it as a tool to help you build the heat shields on satellites.  Maybe you love designing cities or buildings, maybe medical devices.  Maybe you just love pure science.

    The thing to do is notice what you like.  Then seek out the people in the field who do that kind of work, and ask them about it.  But first do your research about them so you don't ask them the kind of questions you can find the answers to with a google search.

    Don't be shy.  People who love their work are usually tickled when they find someone who is interested and will listen.  People love to feel gotten.

    Don't ask should I do this.  Ask things like "What skills do you find yourself using most on the job?"  "What are the unexpected benefits?"  "What surprised you the most?"  "What are the challenges?"  "What about the work excites you?"  "What do you wish you didn't have to do?"

    Taking my example above, maybe there are only a handful of companies that do heat shield work.  Maybe the main customers are governments.  Maybe half the time is spent trying to find the work.  Maybe you are okay with it.  Maybe that wouldn't work for you.

    The more you look, the better chance you'll find the work that is best for you.

    And maybe you'll find engineering is not the path for you.  In that case, you can thank your lucky stars that you found out before years of study.

    And if you find it is, and you've done what I said, you'll have a list of contacts, that if you manage it just a little bit, you'll have a lot of doors already open to you when you need them.  These people will be somehow invested in you.  And that's a good thing.

    David R. Herz

    Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 1990

  • Mahbubul Karim

    Mahbubul Karim

    Student at Stamford University

    If you think that you can do better in Civil Engineering then go for it. Don't listen to others. Try online to understand the basics of Civil. If that seems easy to you then you can try it.
    I was a Business student too now I'm studying in English Linguistics and Literature. Why? Because I wanted to study it and I found many opportunities in it.
    I don't want to give any suggestions. But if I were you I wouldn't listen to others and go for the subjects they suggest. Because after start learning if you find that subject hard to understand, you will loose your interest.
    So, go for anything which is interesting to you.