What is the minimum amount of cgpa required to get admitted to top US universities?

Pranshu Dave

Pranshu Dave

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Hi, I am from India. I wish to know the minimum amount of cgpa required in engineering to get admitted to top universities of USA.

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  • Krishna Savani

    Krishna Savani

    I did my bachelors from Stanford University, California. Unlike Indian college, American colleges are not just focused on grades. Also, you get admitted to the university as a whole and can study any field you want. The students who get admitted to Stanford University all have a unique and interesting story to tell about themselves. For example, one of my classmates wanted to design an online tool to teach HIV awareness around the world on smartphones - she had such a concrete idea of how she wanted to influence humanity that she got admitted right away. At top colleges, more than GPA, what matters is are you someone whom the admission committee would want to meet right away because you seem like a very interesting and unique person.