Any aviation institute offering scholarships?

is there any institute in Pakistan or outside Pakistan offering fee concession or scholarship in any aviation field, comercial pilot???

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  • Rushad Daruwalla

    Rushad Daruwalla

    Attended Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, Atwater and 1 other college

    Hi Sabeeka. Best wishes on your passion to become a pilot. It is a long and tough but rewarding career choice. I did my commercial pilot licence training at Sierra Academy of Aeronatics, California USA in the year 2008. Now I am working for a leading airline in India.

    To become a pilot you need a basic academic qualification of 10+2 with Physics and Maths. Thereafter you need to build hours and acquire the experience of flying the airplane.

    You can join any Flying School in or outside the US to start training. They will start you on with a Private Pilots Program, which will then progress to Commercial Pilots program.

    Your decision of selecting a Flying School is crucial. There are multiple schools that teach flying, but make sure you do a good background check of the school before enrolling and investing your money into it. Also, a few other factors to pay attention to is weather. I did my training in California which had fair weather through out the year. You don't want to be stuck for 2-3 months doing nothing, becoz weather is bad.

    Outside of the US, there are multiple countries which have affordable flying programs such as New Zealand and Australia. There's an Aviation School in New Zealand by the names of CTC Wings which have a direct type with airlines in Europe. You may want to check that out too!

    Another thing I'd like to draw your attention to is Medicals. I'd suggest you'd get an FAA Medical done to see whether your medically fit to be a pilot. No point in wasting money and then realising that you have medical complications.

    I must however warn you that the aviation industry is very dynamic in nature. There's no predictability! You will need patience and perseverance to get through, but when you do it will be very rewarding !

    Once again wish you luck and look forward to seeing you up in the skies soon.