How to apply for Master program in Germany?



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I need some guidance on my application for Master program in Germany

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  • Isha Savani

    Isha Savani

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    Hi Merit,

    Europe is a great place to study! I am just finishing my PhD in Norway and I did my Masters in the Netherlands. In most European countries, there is an international Masters program, which means that course-work and lectures are in English. As far as I know, Germany and Norway have a very reasonable, or rather negligible Masters tuition fee for all students, whether or not you are an EU citizen, but other countries charge you differently based on your nationality.

    Regarding how to apply, first make a list of all the universities that seem interesting to you (Ivy Ties has the list of all universities in Europe, and web-links to them). Then you can visit the website of each university to find the Masters program. This will lead you to a list of topics in which you can do your Masters. Say, it is physics, then the department of physics website will guide in to how to apply, where to stay, the availability of scholarships, the requirements to enter the program, etc. Most importantly, you can find the contact information of a representative at that particular department, whom you can call or email to ask any specific questions. In case they do not respond immediately, just send them a reminder, or call them. Don’t hesitate to contact them, in my experience, they have always been very helpful.

    Most countries have a subjective part (statement of purpose) and an objective part (grades) when evaluating an application. Speaking for Netherlands and Norway, grades play a minor role in getting an admission to even the toughest programs, if you are from a well known university. In any case, the grade requirement for entering into Masters degree program in Norway is an average C grade. And in the Netherlands, the motivation of the student matters a lot, which can be revealed in the statement of purpose, which is mostly about why you want to do what you want to do.

    Hope this helps. let me know if you have any other questions!