What are the topics for entrance exam to get into Japanese University?



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One of Japanese professor was reply on my email If I interested in his topics ( discrete mathematics,computer science and information security), I am welcome his laboratory. But to get in his lab, I have to take entrance examination which is competitive he mention it. My question is what topics will include in this entrance exam is any one (brother or sister) in this group has experience to gave entrance exam please share about examination process It will be very helpful for me or Is this good for me to ask professor about topics of exam ?

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    Dear Mahsin, The entrance exam includes 2 parts. 1. Writing test 2. Presentation and viva-voice.

    1. The writing test is almost similar to IELTS reading module. You will have to read passages an answer the question or explain or summarize the theme of the passage. The topics will be related to the basic knowledge of your field.

    2. You have to present your research proposal ( Masters or PhD). There will be a panel of professors to scrutinize your performance. You will have 20 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for question and answer.