Which course to choose for higher studies?

Himanshu Grover

Himanshu Grover

Applying for Postgraduate Studies

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I need some information as I am planning to go abroad for further studies. I am a graduate in science with Physics , Maths and Geology as my subjects. I completed my graduation in 2013. I am not sure of which course to choose for the higher studies. Also can you tell me if there any scholarships for the same?

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  • Isha Savani

    Isha Savani

    Graduated, not applying

    Hi Himanshu, are you planning to do your Masters? I am doing PhD in Physics, in Norway. What is great about Physics is that it is so broad that it encompasses mathematics and, also geology. For example, I am working on a thermodynamic description of flow in rocks.

    If you like maths, it is also possible to go further in theoretical physics, and if you like geology, there is plenty to do in geo-physics.

    Europe and USA are both great places for higher education. In Germany and Norway, the college fee is almost nothing, even for international applicants. USA can be expensive. In all these countries, scholarships are offered to international students, but are limited in number. Depending on where you are planning to apply, and which countries you are interested in going to, I can help you with more details.