Wanna go for MD to China any suggestion?

Manahil Malik

Manahil Malik

Student at Islamia University of Bahawalpur

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Wanna go for MD to China any suggestion??

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  • Idris


    College student

    Hey. I am currently studying in china. To be honest with you. There are two things involved, judging by my experience. First, I don't really think China is a good place for masters, if MD in your question means Master degree,because of the language barrier. They find it difficult to comprehend the English language, and judging by the fact that its a master degree, you shouldn't waste time in explaining alot before a teacher understands you.

    Secondly, china is a very good place for masters if you are financially good to apply for the very best universities such as Peking, and so on. Because they have good English speaking professors.