Suggestion for selecting Universities

Hi everyone. I'm planning on applying for Ph.D. in the US for fall 21. My major is computer science.
• CGPA : 3.67 (Last 2 years 3.87)
•TOEFL Score: 81
• GRE Score : 303 (Quant - 163)

•Research interests: AI, Machine learning, Deep learning, Data mining. 
Guys can you please suggest me some university names that has central funding? Or universities that has a higher rate of giving full funds?

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    • CareerCoach

      You should be able to obtain a fully-funded PhD program in computer science in the middle range programs. Your Quant score is good. 

      The admission process is at least two-step. You have to first need admission to graduate school. Its the graduate school that may require that all of its applicants take standardized tests and it is the department that may require additional requirements for admission.

      While you may have a respectable Quant Score, the graduate division may or may not be flexible. Once you gain admission to the graduate division, then you are assessed by the department. Your best bet on admission is to align or match your interests with the research interests of the faculty. It is these research positions that are fully funded. If you do not match, it might be difficult to find funding for you.   And not all PhD programs have equal research funding. Some are funded better than others.

      Here is a list of schools in the 305 GRE range. The Ultimate List of US Universities for GRE Scores 300 to 310 (2017 Update) (

      Lastly, the immigration regulations have changed such that PhD students are going to see more hurdles to study in the US. 

      Write to the programs you are interested in and ask for guidance. See if there are faculty in your country who have PhDs from the US and see if additional guidance is available.