No money for college? Raise funds for your educational needs with IvyTies

    Jibin Kumar

    College education is expensive. But don't let lack of money stop you from chasing your dreams. IvyTies makes it easier to raise both cash and in-kind donations for your education, including for studying abroad, paying tuition fees, covering application costs, paying for rent and daily living costs, or any other educational needs.

    How does it work?

    Step 1: Create your fundraising campaign

    Create campaigns to raise cash or in-kind donations. Remember that you are expecting other people to donate you money, and they have tons of other distractions. Share your unique story about why you are raising money to engage and encourage donors. We do a strict assessment before each campaign is published, which helps us eliminate false requests and benefit those truly with educational needs.

    Step 2: Share with family and friends

    To help you raise as much money as possible, share your campaign with friends and family. Use our in-built tools that will let you share the campaign on your favorite social media websites.

    Step 3: Accept donations

    Easily receive your money by requesting a bank transfer or a PayPal transfer.

    Step 4: Get set and enjoy the results!

    Make your college goals come true! Let the donors and the community know about your progress by posing updates and thank you notes directly from your campaign page.


    Types of Crowdfunding campaigns

    At IvyTies, you can create 3 different types of Crowdfunding campaigns

    a) All or Nothing: This type of campaign needs a total goal to be reached by the campaign's end date. If you do not reach the campaign goal at the end date of the campaign, all donations will be refunded to donors. This type of campaign is generally used when the expense needs to be funded at 100% of the amount indicated.

    For example, if are admitted to a college but don’t have money to pay the tuition fees, and you need to pay 100% of the college tuition fees in advance, you would need the campaign to be 100% funded before you can enroll in the college.

    a) Money pot: This type of campaign accepts all donations. This campaign is suitable when it is not necessary to reach 100% of the target.

    For example, if you want to apply to colleges abroad but don’t have money to cover the application fees, you can request others to cover application fees for say 10 colleges. Even if you don’t get 100% of the requested amount, the more donations you get, the more colleges you can apply to.

    b) In Kind: This type of campaign allows in-kind donations only. Choosing this type of campaign offers the option to add a list of items needed and specify shipping address and notes if any.

    For example, if you need a laptop for college, you can request someone to donate you a laptop.