Canisius Decreases Tuition for 2018!


"The message wasn't getting through. State legislators kept pushing Canisius College President John J. Hurley on the high tuition rates set by private colleges and universities. Hurley, who was lobbying for more state funding of student financial aid, would point out that those high sticker prices didn't reflect the actual amount students and families paid at colleges like Canisius.

"And they would say, 'I know, but you've got this high tuition,' " Hurley recalled.

Like most colleges, Canisius relied on discounting its tuition sticker prices to enroll students, like a retailer selling men's and women's fashions on markdown. But Hurley realized there was no getting around it: The college's pricing strategy was opaque and confusing to most people.

Hurley announced on Tuesday a new strategy for the college that dramatically reduces tuition in 2018-19.

Canisius' current tuition of $34,966 will drop next fall by 23 percent to $27,000 – the same amount the college charged in 2008-09. The college also will cut its residence hall rates by $2,000 for students living on campus."


As appeared on The Buffalo News