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The World OF Best Art A Definitive Collction A International Edition

UniversityAteneo de Manila University
Degree Bachelor's Degree
ISBN 0-9702579-6-1

About the CEO/Publisher
Luis Miguel B.Arcangel
Luis Miguel Arcangel was born in Manila,Philipines in 1982. He was educated at the exclusive De La Salle University and is a professor of Management in one of Manila's top Schools He is Currently comleting a Master's degree in Marketing Communication

Mr. Arcangel is known primarily as an award- Winning essayist and short story writer, having won Numerous accolades which. also include cita-tions from the United Nations and the supreme  Court.known for his witty prose and introspective social Commentaries, he has also traslated his creative acumen to the business arena,having served as a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies 

The World OF Best Art A Definitive Collction A International Edition
Sorrel Publishing Company 
New York
90 Park Avenue,Suite 1600 new York,10016 United States Of America
International Edition,2008

Front Cover Jacket 
Harriet Febland 
The Dove
15-3/4"H ×15"W × 9"DP
Formica Over Wood 

Back Cover Jacket
Angel Orensanz
Early Constellation, Paris,France,2006
FIberglass and Tarpaulin 

Printed in China 
ISBN 0-9702579-6-1
U.S.A $90.00
Canada $91.28

For sale for 300 peso only 
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