IvyTies Academic Job

Chinese postdoc (Mechanical Engineering)

Shanghai, China

Application deadline : 2016-10-20

Email :  jaehyung.ju@sjtu.edu.cn


Type of job opening :PhD

Salary :24,000 USD (160,000 RMB)

Subject Area(s) :Mechanical Metamaterials, Soft Robotics

Job Description

The ideal candidate will conduct both independent and supervised research, perform tasks on experimental, theoretical, and finite element (FE) modeling/simulation projects, write reports, submit deliverables to sponsors, publish papers, work in a collaborated team environment, assist in supervising graduate and undergraduate students, and proposal preparation.

Desired Qualifications

The position requires excellent writing and oral communications skills both in English and Chinese, computational mechanics with FE software, CAD drawing, and fabrication with 3D printing.  Only applicants with strong academic background, a track record of high quality research demonstrated by publications in high ranked journals, and relevant experience will be considered.

How to Apply

Send your resume and letter of appliction to Prof. Jaehyung Ju (jaehyung.ju@sjtu.edu.cn)


For more information on the position, please check this website: