IvyTies - A social network for college admissions


Welcome to IvyTies, the first higher education social network that connects college applicants, college students, recent graduates, and college administrators worldwide with each other.



For most of the 20th century, students and admissions officers connected with each other via letters and via information booklets stacked in libraries. In the age of browsers, that took the form of emails and websites. However, in the current era of social media, emails and static websites are already tools of the past. Which colleges students apply to depends on how going to a particular college would change how their peers think about them. Colleges survey applicants’ social networks to get a better idea about the applicant. We seek to provide modern tools to applicants so that they can identify, learn more about, connect with, and apply to colleges of their choice, and to admissions officers so that they can enroll students who would best meet their university’s goals.



We are working with various college admissions departments to build tools that they can use right away to ensure the best applicant pool. Our marketing and development departments are dedicated to building features based on admission officers’ feedback. A part of our team is also dedicated to researching the behavior of college applicants, tracking changing patterns in the way applicants go about choosing colleges, both within applicants’ own countries as well as internationally. College can use insights about applicants’ behaviors and preferences to update their admissions process to achieve their goals, or even to change their goals.


Who are we?

IvyTies is a startup company founded in 2013 by two people. Abhishek Sheetal is a graduate from Columbia Business School, New York, and the Indian Institute of Technology, India. Krishna Savani has a PhD from Stanford University. They saw that there is a lot of potential for using social media tools in the college admissions process. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has a full time dedicated staff of 14 employees, each handling individual responsibilities that work to ensure the company’s long term business. We have been growing constantly since 2013 in terms of number of employees. The team focuses on the Lean Launchpad Business model, and has been using the lean concept both during the startup phase and the expansion phase. Our international staff brings a deep understanding of cultural nuances that helps us build an international product that is culturally sensitive.


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