University of Nebraska - Lincoln

University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Always a place of high ambition, this was one of the first institutions west of the Mississippi River to award doctoral degrees—the first was granted in 1896. The University of Nebraska established the world’s first undergraduate psychology laboratory. The discipline of ecology was born here, and the campuses reflect that tradition, being recognized as botanical gardens and arboreta. An early institutional interest in literature and the arts provided the foundations for today’s Prairie Schooner literary magazine, the University of Nebraska Press and the Sheldon Museum of Art, which houses one of the world’s most significant collections of 20th century American art.

Today, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is one of the nation’s leading teaching institutions, and a research leader with a wide array of grant-funded projects aimed at broadening knowledge in the sciences and humanities.

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  • Phone: 402-472-7211

  • Location: Nebraska, United States

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% of freshman submitting SAT scores: 7%
% of freshman submitting ACT scores: 93%

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Cost of attendance

Tuition and fees$21,990
Room and board$9,961
Books and supplies$1,050
Estimated personal expenses$3,544
Total Cost$36,545

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