Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


The university offers degrees from five schools: Engineering; Science; Architecture; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and the Lally School of Management; as well as an interdisciplinary degree in Information Technology and Web Science.

Institute programs serve undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals around the world. Nearly 29 percent of undergraduate students this year are from areas outside of the Northeast. First-year students hail from 43 states, in addition to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and from countries all around the world.


Application Statistics

  • Number of undergraduate applications received:16,139

  • No. of undergraduate students accepted:6,650

  • Undergraduate acceptance rate:

  • 41.20%

Application timeline

No application timeline to display

Standardized Test Requirements

"SAT Subject Tests are optional, unless you plan to apply to one of our Accelerated Programs in law or medicine, in which case:

We require one SAT math and one SAT science test of your choice OR
Take the ACT (including the writing section) in lieu of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests."


% of freshman submitting SAT scores: 69%
% of freshman submitting ACT scores: 31%

SAT Percentiles

Sat scores

Cost of attendance

Other Fees$1,169
Room & Board$12,960
Books and supplies$1,140
Total Cost$60,369

Application Fee

Availability of Exchange program:Yes

Employment Rate(within one year)



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