University of Maryland Baltimore County

University of Maryland Baltimore County


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County was born amid the turbulent swirl of the 1960s, and we had to cut our own path in a field of older, established institutions. From the beginning, we believed that a university could be innovative, interdisciplinary, inclusive – and great. We believed that ground-breaking research and a relentless focus on undergraduate success could go hand-in-hand.

We still do. To this day, our faculty, staff and students work and create outside traditional structures. We re-imagine and build. It’s not happenstance that UMBC had the first university research park in Maryland, dedicated to growing ideas into thriving businesses. And it’s not happenstance that we are consistently cited as one of the best universities for undergraduate teaching and a leading innovator in higher education.

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  • Phone: 410-455-1000

  • Location: Maryland, United States

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% of freshman submitting SAT scores: 92%
% of freshman submitting ACT scores: 19%

SAT Percentiles

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Cost of attendance

Tuition and fees$21,642
Books and supplies$1,200
Room & Board$10,716
Other Expenses$2,778
Total Cost$36,336

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