Independent University Bangladesh

Independent University Bangladesh


IUB is committed to producing graduates of international standard who will be equipped to provide new leadership to the national economy through skilled employment, entrepreneurship and/or applied research. The curriculum of IUB has been carefully designed to provide students with (1) Communication skills, (2) socio-cultural background, (3) applied skills or project based experience and (4) an area of sub-specialization. During the first year, students take courses on learning skills, national culture and electives in arts and science.

To ensure international standards in teaching and to provide wide options for students to study abroad or acquire international experience, IUB maintains peer relations with a large number of the world’s top-ranking universities and institutions. The programme of study and the academic regulations of this university are based on the American course structure and semester system.

IUB offers a 4-year Bachelor's degree with Honours in Arts (BA), Business Administration (BBA), Social Science (BSS) and Science (B.Sc) in interdisciplinary areas of (1) Business, (2) Engineering & Computer Science, (3) Environmental Science and Management, (4) Social Sciences and Arts, (5) Life Science and (6) Law.


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    The objective of this competition is to encourage innovative ideas and provide a platform to disseminate knowledge on the technologies of renewable energy resources through the presentation of successful sustainable projects to a broad audience. The...

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