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Solex college


SOLEX College is a private for-profit unaccredited two-year institution located in Chicago,  United States.  With an annual enrollment of over 2,000 students. SOLEX is committed to training and educating individuals for careers in business,  healthcare,  manufacturing and information technology.   SOLEX College is also one of the largest schools in the Chicago area to enroll international F-1 visa students for its intensive English as Second Language programs. SOLEX’s main administration building is located in Wheeling,  IL.  The school also has a Chicago Downtown Campus Addition in Chicago,  IL.

SOLEX College is based out of the state of Illinois with campuses in Wheeling and Chicago. SOLEX College is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools - ACICS.  Post-secondary courses are offered in Accounting,  Book-keeping, E-Business Management,  Physical Therapy and Medical Assistance.  English as a Second Language course is also offered. The Intensive English Programme offers international students a comprehensive training in English and helps them join a full-time university-level programme.  To facilitate learning,  SOLEX College uses small classes,  equipped with modern technology and taught by highly qualified instructors.  Their goal is to offer you the quality education and experience that will enable you to gain the knowledge,  proficiency,  and competencies demanded by employers and the community at large.



  • Email:

  • Phone: 847-229-9595

  • Year founded: 1995

  • Total Students: 3400


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