ESEI International Business School

ESEI International Business School


Esei International Business School in Barcelona is a prestigious academic institution offering you the best education opportunities in a genuine, familiar and friendly atmosphere.

We have broad experience in satisfying the needs and ambitions of our international students: we prepare you to go truly global and work anywhere in the world.

Your success depends on the balance of theoretical skills and practical experience. We are experts in bringing real business practices closer to the classroom.

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  • Email:

  • Phone: +34 934 17 46 77

  • Year founded: 1989

  • No. of undergraduate students: 31

  • International students: 9

  • No. of postgraduate students: 98

  • International students: 94


Scholarship for foreigners?

Application process

You can choose to submit your application through the ESEI website, by email or by regular post.

To apply online, please click here

After applying to ESEI, you will be contacted outlining the next steps. We use email as an important means of communication, so you are advised to check your email address frequently! Upon receipt of your application documents it will be passed to the Admissions Officer for consideration. Providing all documentation is in order, you can expect us to contact you within a week with the result of your application.

If you have been accepted to study at ESEI, we will also schedule an interview intended to give us more insight about your expectations for the programme and to answer any questions you might still have. It can be arranged at ESEI or by telephone if you are not able to attend the interview in person.

After the interview, you will receive an official offer of acceptance with details on how to confirm your acceptance. Depending on certain criteria being met, this can be an UNCONDITIONAL or CONDITIONAL offer. If you still have to submit some documentation, you will be made a conditional offer.

Congratulations! If you have received our offer of admission, here’s what you need to do next.

If you decide to make a firm acceptance of the offer, then the payment of 1,000 Euros (Master students) or 2,000 Euros (Bachelor students) as the enrolment fee is due during 30 working days following the receipt of the offer.

Payment of the Enrolment Fee is obligatory and if you have not paid on time, your place can no longer be guaranteed. This amount forms part of the total tuition fees for the academic year and is only refundable upon the presentation of a Refund Application to ESEI justifying exceptional life circumstances.

Upon receipt of payment confirmation sent to us by e-mail, the admission process will be fully completed and shortly you should receive a confirmation.

We are delighted to have you as a part of our dynamic and highly motivated student body. You will receive a welcome pack and documents confirming your enrolment at ESEI.

If you need any assistance during your application, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help you!


Academic Transcripts & Diplomas
Statement of Purpose
Updated Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
Proof of English Proficiency
Bank Reference
Academic / Professional Reference
Copy of ID card / Passport
Scholarship Request Form

Application timeline

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Standardized Test Requirements

It is crucial that you understand, read, write, and speak English fluently to fully benefit from the courses and the internships that ESEI offers. For this reason, you will be required to demonstrate a level of English competence that allows you to actively contribute to classroom discussions, interact with classmates from diverse backgrounds, and communicate effectively on written examinations, in group projects, and in oral presentations. If you have not lived in a country where English is the primary language or attended an educational institution full-time where classes are taught in English for the most recent three years prior to beginning your studies at ESEI, then you must achieve a satisfactory score on one of the following English proficiency tests: IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL 80.

Cost of attendance

Enrollment feeDepending on the programme
Cost of living per month including housing, transportation, phone, meals and other costs700 €/month

Employment Rate(within one year)



Provides guidance to foreign students for housing

Provides Free local language classes


Bachelor in Business Studies (180 credits)Bachelor in Business Studies Specialised in Global Business Management (240 credits)
Bachelor in Business Studies Specialised in Marketing Management (240 credits)Bachelor in Business Studies Specialised in Hospitality Management (240 credits)
Master in Digital MarketingMaster in Business Management
Master in Digital EntrepreneurshipMaster in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Master in Marketing and CommunicationMaster in International Relations and International Business


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