Centro de Estudios Superiores De la Aviación- CESDA


Why Choose CESDA?

- CESDA is the FIRST university centre in Europe to offer the COMMERCIAL AVIATION PILOT AND AIR OPERATIONS DEGREE.

- The EASA license is recognised worldwide and the degree is valid for life.

- The patrons of CESDA are the Government of Catalonia, Reus City Council, the COPAC and the URV.

- CESDA is a SAFE and RELIABLE university centre because the Rego Foundation guarantees the completion of any year group that begins its studies.

- Financing is available to suit you from the Banc Sabadell (progressive and for up to ten years) and from CaixaBank (for up to 8 years, with a 2-year grace period) as well as academic excellence prizes and grants from the Ministry of Education. CESDA allows registration fees to be paid in interest-free instalments, 2, 4 or 9 times per academic year.

- Very high levels of professional placement

- CESDA has a CAREERS ASSISTANCE department which is in constant communication and negotiation with airlines and industry professionals.

- Bilingual teaching in English and Spanish.

- Included in the registration fee: a laptop computer, flight material and uniform.

- You can obtain the DOUBLE DEGREE: Higher Diploma in Aeronautics Business Management and Air.

  • Email: cesda@cesda.com

  • Phone: +34 977 276 506

  • Year founded: 2001

  • Worldwide rank: 17968


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