College of Commerce

College of Commerce


College of Commerce (under the Ministry of Trade, now the Ministry of Trade) was established on 26.06.2006, the business units of public education, operating on a national scale in training nursing staff at the college level and the lower level in the fields of trade and tourism in accordance with the current regulations; research institutions and scientific and technological experiments in service of education - training, production and business of trade and tourism; Cooperation in training, scientific research with universities, research institutions and abroad. Implementing links with business establishments to mount between training and use.
Over 40 years of striving to build and mature, so far the school has enrollment across the country with 17 specialized college level, enrollment targets 2100 college regular grade students each year and professional level with 3 subjects, targets 100 students each year. Additionally Career Schools vocational training also work study, regular training and short-term professional training

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  • Phone: +84 511 3759 580

  • Location: Other, Vietnam

  • Year founded: 2006

  • Worldwide rank: (not reported)


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