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Monash University


Monash University is Australia’s largest and most international university. Its extensive educational offering, delivered via our 10 faculties, includes undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses. Monash is a research-intensive university, known for some significant and lasting discoveries that have delivered impact beyond the academic community. 

The university is home to a range of world-leading facilities and technologies, giving it wide-ranging capabilities across many fields, sectors and industries. Monash works with a variety of industry, government and community groups, allowing its researchers to share their discoveries with the world.

Monash is a truly global institution, with five Australian campuses, a campus in Malaysia, a joint graduate school in China, a learning centre in Italy, and a research centre in India. Monash University courses are also delivered at other locations, including at Monash South Africa. At Monash, cultural experiences are lived, not described.


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Cost of attendance

Faculty FeeA$ 12,000
Accommodation feesA$ 9,467
GroceriesA$ 3,800
Food (lunch from Monday to Friday)A$ 3,600

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Availability of Exchange program:Yes

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Architectural Design Arts Arts and Fine Art Arts and Music Biomedical Science Biomedical Science Biomedical Science Advanced Business Business Administration Business and Arts Business and Business Specialist Business and Information Technology Business and Media Communication Business Specialist Business Specialist and Arts Business Specialist and Information… Commerce Commerce and Arts Commerce and Biomedical Science Commerce and Commerce Specialist Commerce and Computer Science Commerce and Global Studies Commerce and Information Technology Commerce and Music Commerce and Science Commerce Specialist Commerce Specialist and Arts Commerce Specialist and Computer Science Commerce Specialist and Information… Commerce Specialist and Science Communication Design Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Advanced Criminology Design Design and Business Design and Information Technology Design and Media Communication Education Education and Arts Education and Business Education and Commerce Education and Fine Art Education and Information Technology Education and Music Education and Science Emergency Health (Paramedic) Engineering Engineering and Advanced Engineering Engineering and Architectural Design Engineering and Arts Engineering and Biomedical Science Engineering and Commerce Engineering and Computer Science Engineering and Design Engineering and Information Technology Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science Engineering and Science Fine Art Fine Art and Business Health Sciences Information Technology Information Technology and Arts Information Technology and Science Interior Architecture Laws Laws and Arts Laws and Biomedical Science Laws and Commerce Laws and Engineering Laws and Global Studies Laws and Music Laws and Science Media Communication Medical Science Medical Science and Medicine Medical Science and Medicine Music Nursing Nursing and Midwifery Nutrition Nutrition Science Occupational Therapy Paramedicine Pharmaceutical Science Pharmaceutical Science Advanced Pharmacy Physiotherapy Psychology Public Health Radiography and Medical Imaging Science Science Advanced - Global Challenges Science Advanced - Research Science and Arts Science and Biomedical Science Science and Computer Science Science and Global Studies Science and Music
Art and Design Arts Business (Business Education) Business (Business) Business (Commerce Education) Business (Commerce) Engineering (Engineering) Engineering (Information Technology) Science (Education) Science


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