Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, Atwater

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, Atwater


Founded originally in 1964 Sierra Academy opened its doors in Oakland California. During that time they began the tradition of training international pilots. Beginning in 2003 Mr. John Yoon purchased Sierra Academy and began the expansion process. We had locations in Stockton, Oakland, and Livermoore. In order to handle the growth the Academy was achieving they moved operations out of Oakland to the former Castle Air Force base to allow the school to operate out of one central location.

Castle Air Force base in Atwater, California has served as the home for Sierra Academy since 2005. In our 52 years of operation we have trained thousands of pilots from countries all over the world. For 13 years we have served as an exclusive provider of cadet training for Korean Airlines. Our airline style pilot training coupled with our modern facilities makes Sierra Academy a leader in International flight training.

  • Phone: +1 209-722-7522

  • Year founded: 1964


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