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Philosophically speaking, anyway. At Rice we understand the power of individual thought and reflection. But a small research university is made large by collaboration. With more than 40 interdisciplinary centers and partnerships with other institutions, Rice produces big results. We bring our undergraduate students into our labs to work with gifted researchers, staying true to the real definition of experiential learning.


Application Statistics

  • Number of undergraduate applications received:15,408

  • No. of undergraduate students accepted:2,552

  • Undergraduate acceptance rate:

  • 16.56%

Application timeline

No application timeline to display

Standardized Test Requirements

All freshman applicants must take either the SAT and two SAT Subject Tests in fields related to their proposed area of study, or the ACT Plus Writing test.

% of freshman submitting SAT scores: 77%
% of freshman submitting ACT scores: 51%

SAT Percentiles

Sat scores

Cost of attendance

Room and Board$13,650

Application Fee

Availability of Exchange program:Yes

Employment Rate(within one year)



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