Volunteering Can Help You To Get Into a Good University!

Volunteering Can Help You To Get Into a Good University!


Are you thinking of applying to a foreign university for your Bachelor’s degree? Think that only grades matter? Think again! Many of the world’s top universities, particularly those in the US, don't just want a lot of “book smart” students who can get high marks in exams but don’t do anything else. They want students who care about the world and are ready to spend some of their valuable time helping the world. And this means volunteering.

While your grades reveal your intelligence and how hardworking you are, studies show that voluntarism shows how you express your identity. Studies also have shown that volunteering fosters interpersonal trust, tolerance, empathy for others, and respect for the common good. Thus, students who are involved in volunteering activities develop socially responsible values and positive civic attitudes.

According to researchers from University Michigan and Harvard University, volunteering increases applicants’ chances of college admission. Harvard College on its website also suggests that applicants consider taking a gap year and to do volunteering before applying to college. This is because helping others is as beneficial the donor as it is for the recipient. Volunteers will gain experiences that will support their personal development and their future career development.

Students are taking note of this and take more time out to volunteer during high school. Data from CIRP’s Freshman Survey show that the percentage of new students admitted to college who volunteered during their high school increased from about 45 percent in 1988 up to about 70 percent by 2000.

More recently in 2018, Forbes presented IEDS’ survey result of 264 admissions leaders at U.S colleges. 58% of college admissions personnel agreed that student volunteering specifically community service has a positive impact on students’ acceptance to higher education institutions. 53% also said that community service was a tie-breaker between students who have equal scores on another factor such as GPA or SAT/ATC scores. The breakdown of the survey has three top reasons why colleges valued community service, and there are:

  1. Indicator that the student is likely to be active in student social life outside the classroom
  2. Indicator that the student is likely to contribute to the school’s mission
  3. Indicator that the student shares the school’s values

It’s no doubt that volunteering is valued by universities and colleges, particularly in the US. So don’t waste any more time! Start looking for volunteering opportunities in your community that are meaningful and that spark your interest. Good Luck!

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