There’s No Good or Bad Personality!

    By IvyTies
    There’s No Good or Bad Personality!

    If you are like most people, you probably think that certain personality traits, like being extroverted or agreeable, are “good traits,” and other personality traits, like being introverted or disagreeable, are “bad traits”, right? Who wants to be around people who don’t talk much or are always arguing? But don’t jump to a conclusion so quickly! Research shows that there are no good or bad personality traits, all traits have some positive consequences and some negative consequences.

    One important personality dimension is agreeableness. For instance, agreeable people are pleasant to deal with, do not argue much, are generally cooperative and friendly—people who would be voted as the “most congenial person of the year.” On the other hand, disagreeable people are often aggressive, quarrelsome, and difficult to deal with. These are the people who disagree with everything you say just to get their way and sometimes just to annoy you.

    Even though nobody wants to be near disagreeable people, guess what, disagreeable men earn more than agreeable men! In large surveys of the relationship between agreeableness and income in the US, Judge, Livingston, and Hurst found that disagreeable men earn an average of $9,772 (18.31%) more than agreeable men per year. Shocking, right? The reason is that being disagreeable is consistent with people’s stereotypes of men, so managers are more likely to promote disagreeable men than agreeable men.

    So you see, a negative personality trait like being disagreeable, can have positive consequences in terms of higher income, and a positive personality trait like being agreeable can have negative consequences in terms of lower income. So there is no good or bad personality—all personality profiles have upsides and downsides.

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