You Can Get A Master’s Degree For Free!

    By IvyTies
    You Can Get A Master’s Degree For Free!

    Yes, you read that correctly. You can get a Master’s degree without paying anything out of your pocket and without even taking student loans.

    Everyone has heard of scholarships, grants that can help cover some or all of students’ college costs. There are two main types of scholarships:

    • Merit-based scholarships are given to students who have either demonstrated high academic ability (e.g., grades, test scores) or demonstrated special talents (e.g., excellence in music, sports, or literature).
    • Background based scholarships are available for people from particular backgrounds. For example, there exist scholarships for women interested in pursuing science, or scholarships for applicants from military backgrounds.

    But scholarships are rare and not everyone is eligible for one. Further, countries tend to give scholarships only to their own citizens. There are other ways to get a Master’s degree though.

    Graduate students (those studying for a Masters degree or a PhD) can work as Teaching Assistants. Teaching assistants help professors teach undergraduate classes. In return, they get a stipend of about $6000 to $20,000 annually, or a waiver of tuition fees in exchange for their services.

    Teaching Assistants help professors with:

    • Leading student discussion or lab sessions
    • Designing and grading papers and exams
    • Holding office hours to answer students’ questions
    • Reviewing course material before exams

    In addition to helping pay for college, Teaching Assistant jobs improve students’ teaching and leadership skills.

    Graduate students can also work as Research Assistants. Research assistants help professors with their research, such as doing literature reviews, conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and writing reports. Research assistantship can involve both small mundane tasks and also highly innovative ones.

    Now you know that there are many options available to students to pay for a Master’s degree provided you do your research and explore different opportunities.

    Search the websites of individual professors, departments, and college job portals for advertisements for Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions. E-mail professors whose research matches your educational background, asking them if they have positions available. Ask fellow students on if they know of professors or research groups looking for assistants. Be persistent—don’t stop after the first couple tries!

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