Following Mr. Stark’s Footsteps

    By IvyTies
    Following Mr. Stark’s Footsteps

    If you are a human living in a place called Earth, it would be safe to say that at least once in your life, you have yearned to become successful, someone whom others admire. Perhaps you imagined living in Tony Stark aka the Iron Man’sshoes, living the glorious life of a genius engineer creating amazing inventions. Imagine how good life can be if only you were a real life Iron Man.

    But… who says this has to remain a figment of your imagination? You can become an engineer! Not only can you participate in changing the world with your inventions, you can also lead a very comfortable life.

    A survey was conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that some of the highest paid jobs in the United States are in science and engineering careers. According to a study by Georgetown University, people working in science and engineering earn almost four times those working in arts, education, and social work — $149,180 instead of $39,000 annually. Just imagine how fat your bank account can get earning this amount every year!

    Despite the very attractive pay in addition to the ability to create new things, according to a report by the US National Academy of Sciences, only 4% of the US workforce consists of people trained in science, technology, mathematics, or engineering. This is among the lowest proportion in the world, with only three other countries having lower percentages. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc., told President Obama that Apple have to employ 70,000 engineers from other countries every year because they cannot even find 30,000 engineers in the USA. According to the Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey, engineering jobs in US are the hardest job positions to fill. This means that if you study science or engineering, you’ll most probably have many nice jobs waiting for you.

    This is not a surprise given that the biggest and most influential companies in the world, such as Google, Boeing, Apple, Microsoft, General Electric, IBM, and Exxon Mobile are technology companies that hire mostly engineers. Wouldn’t you want to work for a company that has such a large influence on people around the globe?

    Not only does taking up an engineering course help build your bank balance, it also give you pride and prestige as you would be making valuable contributions to society that only a few others share. Who knows, maybe that Tony Stark dream of yours can become a reality after all.