Will you be the future Mark Zuckerberg?

    By IvyTies
    Will you be the future Mark Zuckerberg?

    Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, represents what many young people dream to become someday in their lives – an entrepreneur, a young owner of a large business, a successful individual that others look up to.

    Of course, various factors helped Zuckerberg become who he is. Even if you can’t necessarily become exactly like Zuckerberg , there is something within your control that can help you start your own business and help your community, your family. And who knows, someday you might be able to get a few billions for yourself.

    An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea and works to build something using that idea. Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily aspire to become rich. Entrepreneurs see a problem in the world and feel very unhappy about that problem. They want to solve it. So a key personality trait of an entrepreneur is being a problem solver, someone who will not rest until they find a solution to the problem. This trait is visible in leaders who brought about social change in our society – Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, and many others. All of them could be considered entrepreneurs.

    A second trait necessary to become a successful entrepreneur is having high self-efficacy, that is, being confident that you have the ability to solve the problem that you want to solve. While many people know there are problems in the world, few believe that they possess the skills needed to solve the problem. To be able to say, “bring it on,” requires considerable amount of courage and internal strength.

    Lastly, entrepreneurs are also risk takers. Financially, they could become bankrupt and lose all personal wealth. Socially, they could lose their friends and their reputation in society. Albert Einstein himself was once rejected for his outlandish ideas before the scientific community realized the importance of his theories. What if Einstein had given up and surrendered to social pressure and moved on to something more commonplace and simple?

    Not everybody will become an entrepreneur and be able to solve the world’s biggest problems. Would it not be nice to know that you have what it takes to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? After that, it is up to you how you use your internal skills and change the world.

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