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Study abroad stories

M Shahanul Islam

  Everyone has a cherished dream, so do I. Higher studies is one of them. After completing my B.Sc. in Fisheries from...
Dheeman Roy
Yangzhou UniversityChina

Studying abroad has changed my life.  I have evolved into a different person than who I was back in my country.  Studying...
Prajwal Chauhan
La Trobe UniversityAustralia

It's interesting, to study here in Australia. I can learn new things, even though sometimes things can be hard...
Rodolfos Vogdanos

Admission in greek universities is determined only by your grades in the finals, nothing else matters. In high school I used to...
Sazzad Hossain Emon

My name is Sazzad Hossain Emon. I am a final year student of BBA major in International Hotel and Tourism Management at Siam...
Monira Akter Shurovee

For me, studying in abroad is chance to recognize yourself and your destiny also a challenging decision for every student. However, it...

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We are a trending social network for college applicants, enabling applicants to connect and collaborate with other applicants, current college students, college alumni, and university officials. IvyTies is successfully assisting colleges and applicants in finding the right fit.

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We are a platform providing access to over 10,000 universities across the world. IvyTies is here to aid students who are willing to study aboard and want to make an informed decision.

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IvyTies lets you connect with other college applicants, current and past students, and university officials around the world for finding valuable information about colleges and about the admission process.

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With a wealth of information about the college admission right here on our website, we can help you find the right fit. We help you understand the college you are about to apply for. With all the necessary information, it will get easier to make the right decision.

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IvyTies is offering colleges a platform through which they can reach a large number of applicants worldwide. Given the wealth of information about all colleges around the world on IvyTies, students are going to visit our one-stop portal for all education-related material.

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IvyTies has made it easy for colleges to attract qualified applicants by sending them announcements. We help you save marketing costs and overcome logistical hurdles in reaching potential applicants who may be widely dispersed around the country, and increasingly these days, around the world..

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